Connection Groups

Written by Connection Church on Sep 07, 2012

The Bible gives us a clear picture that as Christians we are meant to share life together. Connection Groups are where we can develop close relationships and help one another reach our full potential in Christ. They are an avenue for making real connection and lasting relationship. Connection Groups will be an integral part of the life and identity of Connection Church. Connection Church is going to invest in small groups because they are biblical and they change people’s lives.

What are Connection Groups?

Connection Groups are groups of people who meet in a home and do a bible study or study geared at relationship with Christ and each other. Connection Groups are a place where you can get to know other people in the church and in your community on a deeper level. They are how we stay plugged in to people and their needs.
What is the purpose of doing Connection Groups?
The purpose is to experience life together. As the group grows in biblical community, they spur one another to growth in their individual spiritual lives. It is one of the most effective ways to connect unbelievers and visitors to Christ, relationship, discipleship and serving in the church.

What is the benefit of being a part of a Connection Group?

Life is easier when we are in community with each other. Connection Groups are set up to be a safe place where everyone has an opportunity to share openly in a non-threatening environment. It is a place where we can learn more about Christ and each other.

What do I gain from Connection Groups?

In Connection Groups you will grow in fellowship, discipleship, community, giving and receiving care when in crisis, growth of spiritual maturity.

Why are Connection Groups so important?

It is where growth of the church and the individual happen. People who are connected experience meaning, purpose, and significance by being involved in something that is not only bigger than themselves, but also life-transforming and enduring.