Written by Connection Church on Jan 10, 2012

Financial giving at can generally be divided into two categories: tithes and offerings. The Bible teaches
us that we worship the Lord with our tithe, which is ten percent of our income contributed to the church on a regular
basis. When we feel called to give over and above our tithe, we do so as an offering.

There are a number of ways to give at Connection Church.

  1. With our Tithes and Offering Envelopes provided at church every Sunday. With our envelopes you can give Cash, Check,
    Debit or Credit Card (Please be responsible with putting tithe and offerings on a Credit Card. We understand that
    some people like to get points for monies put on Credit Cards, however tithes and offerings should never be charged
    without the intention of paying them off every month.)
  2. Give Securely Online through Paypal (Click the link below to go to our Paypal page).
  3. Utilize our automatic Debit system. Simply download the PDF below, fill it out, and give it to our accounting department.
    You information is securely kept and utilized by your specifications.

Auto Debit Form